Spotlight Moment -November 2017

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Ellen Poole, Bente Buch, and Mette Ring

(not pictured Joni Brady).

Thanks to the Arizona Perianesthesia Nurses’ Association (AzPANA) for the opportunity to attend the 4th International Conference for Perianesthesia Nurses (ICPAN) in Sydney, Australia! The conference provided multiple opportunities to connect with ASPAN friends and to make new friends from around the world! The following is a brief overview of the activities I attended throughout the conference.

Arriving early Wednesday allowed me to do a little sightseeing. A tour of the Sydney Opera House is a ‘must do’ activity, though I must admit it was somewhat daunting for this Arizonan to hear of 200 stair-steps to climb. Fortunately, it was not all at once! The innovation, creativity, and intentional functionality of materials was a wonder to behold.

The conference started on Thursday with the induction of Australian Perianesthesia Fellows from the University of Tasmania (this is similar to a hooding ceremony for masters in nursing students). Dr. Paula Foran, PhD officiated the induction of fellows and then continued on as the keynote speaker for the conference. Her topic was: Tides of Change: An Exciting Future for Perianesthesia Nursing: Let’s Make it Happen! While she covered a variety of topics, major reminders for me were: everyone (every nurse) has a little bit of Flo in them (Florence Nightingale), specifically we care about our patients.

Secondly, clear communication between all stakeholders is vital to the work we all do. The person you are least positive about in the workplace should never know how you feel about them…keep the communication open!

Following the opening ceremony, attendees were ready to begin the two-and-a-half day journey through multiple concurrent sessions on a variety of topics for the PACU nurse: topics were on advocacy/innovation, education, and research through concurrent sessions and posters! More than 35 posters were on display, and this was the place to be to learn what our peers are doing internationally. As a long-standing ASPAN member of the Research Committee, it was simply joyous to see such excellence and excitement expressed for our specialty practice.

In addition to attending sessions, I was part of a collaborative group which presented a workshop called: A Gathering of Nations, an “Old Tradition”. Our group was comprised of:  Joni M. Brady, DNP, RN, CAPA (USA), Bente Buch, RN, BSN, Master in Adult Learning Degree (Denmark), Mette Ring, MS, RN (Denmark), and myself from the USA. The session started with my presentation on a “Review of Copenhagen Forum Results with Correlated Findings from the Literature”. Bente and Mette facilitated table discussion of 4 case studies. Attendees were assigned tables to enable global collaboration in the discussion of how to solve the problems in the case studies. Results were shared electronically through Shakespeak. The session ended with networking tables for education, advocacy and research/EBP.

Friday night was riverboat dinner and show allowing for networking, entertainment and a wonderful view of the harbor at night. Seeing our conference site (Luna Park) and the Sydney Opera House in lights was quite spectacular!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the closing on Saturday to hear the announcement of the 2019 venue in Cancun, Mexico! However, on Thursday, the first elected (rather than appointed) ICPAN board was introduced. Susan Fossum, RN, BSN, is the ex officio President with Joni Brady, DNP, RN, CAPA, is the Chair, both are well known names from our American Society of Perianesthesia Nursing (ASPAN) organization.

Again, thank you for the support of my attendance at the International conference! I hope other AzPANA members will consider applying for an AzPANA National/International Conference Scholarship.  This is one of the many benefits offered by our component!


Ellen L. Poole, PhD, RN, CPAN, CNE                                                                                                                               

AzPANA member