Spotlight Moment - August 2019


Attending the 38th National ASPAN Conference was made possible, for me, through the generous AzPANA Scholarship program.   I write this with great gratitude and thanks for this opportunity. 

Excitement is everywhere as I arrived with friends on May 4th, then how nice to be greeted by some familiar faces from past meetings.  The ceremonial opening on the next morning still makes me proud to be part of such an upstanding and important professional organization.  The leaders proudly represented their states or districts, and then the gravel was passed to our new President Amy Dooley, from the out-going President Regina Hoefner-Notz. 

With the official opening completed the educational programs began.  Volunteer hostesses greeted us at the door of each session and answered questions about how to find any number of the different venues available, such as the ASPAN store, and ASPAN office personnel, along with where to locate the exhibition hall, and of course the many lecture halls. 

Subjects were varied and appropriate for a beginning PeriAnesthesia Nurse or an experienced one.  As a long-time nurse I looked for refresher type programs such as “To Serve with Heart; Addressing Ethical Challenges within the PeriAnesthesia Continuum”.  I wasn’t disappointed as I learned about new ethical challenges especially within the electronic world, we now live in.  New information for this old nurse included the lectures on Recreational Vaping, I had no idea how bad this stuff is for humans.  The topic of Human Trafficking was a real emotionally charged eye-opener.  I went away with a new knowledge base and a yearning to learn more.

Sadly, the time came to an end and my brain was swimming with ideas to utilize my new knowledge.  Again, big thanks to our wonderful AzPANA organization who so generously supports members to pursue many areas of education.  Be sure to check out the Scholarship section of the AzPANA web for the numerous opportunities available for members.

Carolyn Bennett