Arizona Nurses Association – Political Action Committee (AzNA-PAC); How can AzNA-PAC Help Me?

Are you confused about some of the political ads? You may know your vote is important but feel uninformed about candidates.

The Arizona Nurses Association has a political arm called AzNA-PAC and is hard at work watching Arizona bills related to nurses. This committee works to educate nurses about politics, to raise money for selected campaigns, and to evaluate political candidates running for office.

All endorsed candidates for AZ primary and general elections must show clear demonstrated responsible awareness of nurses' needs based on the Principle of the AzNA Public Policy Agenda. See: AzNA Public Policy tab below.

Currently AzNA-PAC endorses two nurse candidates:

Legislative District 1 – Selina Bliss RN

Legislative District 6 – Felicia French RN

Visit - website for more information about how AzNA and AzNA-PAC work for nurses in Arizona. Follow the links below for more information about political action, and find out more about the endorsed candidates.

Click on Advocacy tab to view:

· Bills: The Nurses List – information about all current health bills

· Use Your Voice – lobbying 101

· AzNA Public Policy

· Top Nursing Issues in AZ

· AzNA-PAC AZ Election Information – learn more about the endorsed candidates

The issues we face in today’s world calls for nurses to be more involved in the political process. Start with exploring the AzNA web site and consider attending Nurses’ Lobby Day at the Arizona Legislature. AZPANA provides a grant for two AzPANA members to attend this event each January/February. Watch for details on or contact Carolyn.

Carolyn Bennett BSN, RN

AzPANA Governmental Affairs

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